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Readings from the Animal Issues Group that meets monthly at the University of Melbourne

A Clone With Your Fries? The Regulation of Cloned Farm Animals in Australia (2006) 23 (3) June EPLJ by Karinne Ludlow

An Emerging Field (2006) 31 (4) ALJ by  Katrina Sharman

Animal Advocacy and Causes of Action (2006-07) Vol13 (61) Animal Law

Animal Law as an Emerging Legal Discipline in Australia (2005) 196 Ethos 15 by Peter Pullicino and Toni Matulick

Animal Law: Peering Over the Gap or Daring to Close it (2006) 31 (4)  Dec ALJ by Brian Sherman

Animals and the Law in Australia; a Livestock Industry Perspective (2007/2008) (91) Summer ALRC RJ by Alan Pearson, KathleenPlowman and John Topfer

Animals and the Law: A New Legal Frontier? (2005) 29(1) MULR 298 by Steven White

Animals and the Law: Towards a Guardianship Model (2004) 29(4) AltLJ 183 by George Seymour

Animals, Guardianship and the Local Courts: towards a Practical Model for Advocacy (2007/2008) 91 Summer ALRC  RJ  by Ruth Pollard

Implementation and Enforcement of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in the South

Pacific Region: Management and Scientific Authorities [2002] QUTLJJ 6; (2002) 2(1) QUTLJJ 98

Book Review – Animal Rights: Need for a Theoretical Basis (2001) 114(5) HarvLRev 1506 by Martha C Nussbaum

Cat Control for Wildlife Protection: Is There a Role for Local Government? (1998) 3 LGLJ 215 by Paul Leadbeter

Commerce & Cruelty (1994) 19(4) AltLJ 186

Discrimination in Relation to an Assistance Animal (2007) 16 (3) Dec Australian Health Law Bulletin by Elena Tuangari

Dog & The Bicycle: The Dog Act in The New South Wales Court of Appeal (1995) 3 TortLRev 5 by Peter Hanford

Ethical Perspectives on Animal Biotechnology (2007/2008) (91) Summer APLJ  RJ by Mickey Gjerris and Peter Sandoe

Everyone is in Favour of Animal Welfare (2007/2008) (91) Summer ALRC RJ by Geoffrey Bloom

Humanising Animals: Civilising People, (2008) 4 (1) Original Law Review by Mirko Bagoric

Hybrid and the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 (1999) 143 Sol Jo 768 by Peter Devlin

Implementation and Enforcement of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in the South

Pacific Region: Management and Scientific Authorities [2002] QUTLJJ 6; (2002) 2(1) QUTLJJ 98

Indigenous Hunting and Fishing in Queensland: A Legislative Overview (1995) 18 UQLJ 326 by Marion Berry

Intellectual Property Protection for the Products of Animal Breeding [1996] 4 EIPR 213 by Nicholas Peace and Andrew Christie

In the Spotlight: the Welfare of Introduced Wild Animals in Australia (2007) 24 (6) Nov EPLJ by Dominique Thiret

Is Common Law the Key to Upholding an Animal’s Right not to Suffer? (2007/2008) (91) Summer ALRC RJ by Nichola Donovan

Legal Standing for Animals and Advocates (2006 –07) Vol 13 (61) Animal Law

Legal Status of Animals Under Animal Welfare Law (1992) 9 EPLJ 20

Legislating for Animal Welfare: Making the Interests of Animals Count (2003) 28(6) AltLJ 277 by Steven White

Lifting the Veil of Secrecy on Animal Derived Food Products (2007/2008) (91) Summer  ALRC RJ by Katrina Sharman

New Directions in Pet Control: the Companion Animals Legislation (1999) 5(2) LGLJ 69 by Ian Ratcliffe

Out of the ‘Too Hard Basket’: Traditional Hunting and Animal Welfare (2007) 24 (1) Feb EPLJ by Dominique Thiret

Regulation of Medical Research (1999) 7(2) JLM 170 by Loane Skene

Relationship Between Criminal Behaviour and Mental Illness in Young Adults: Conduct Disorder, Cruelty to Animals and Young Adult Serious

Violence (2003) 10(1) PPL 239 by Paul Wilson and Gareth Norris

Research, Animal Biotechnology and Regulation in Australia (2008) 16 (8) May Australian Health Law Bulletin  129-131

Round up – The Dog and Cat Management Act 1994 (1995) 1 LGLJ 19 by Kym Tredrea

Taking a Stand for all Animals (2006) 14 Dec Lawyers Weekly by Katrina Sharman

The Basic Rights of Some Non Human Animals Under the Common Law (91) Summer ALRC RJ by Stephen Wise

The Challenge Posed by Feral Animals (2007/2008) (91) ALRC RJ Summer  by Graeme Mc Ewen

The Law and Pig Farming.(2007/2008) (91) Summer ALRC RJ by Malcolm Caulfield

The Marriage of Family Law and Animal Rights : How Should Australian Family Law Approach the Rise of ‘Pet Custody’ Disputes? 31 (4)December 2006: ALJ by Tony Bogdanovski

The Relocation of Flying Fox Colonies in Queensland (2005) 22(3) EPLJ 231 by Dominique Thiriet

Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 (1996) 13 EPLJ 78 by Nicholas Brunton

Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 (NSW) (1996) 1 LGLJ 179 by Dr Leong Lim

To Breed or to Exhibit? The Asian Elephants Case and Reasons for Regulatory Failure (2007) 24 (5) Sep  EPLJ by Margaret Allars

Unnecessary Suffering: Animal Protection Legislation [1999] Crim LR 702 by Mike Radford

Utilisation of Native Flora and Fauna in Victoria (1999) 16(5) EPLJ 385 by Tannetje Bryant

Victoria – Domestic (Feral and Nuisance) Animals Act 1994 (1996) 2 LGLJ 16 by Paul Connor

‘What Price a Wedgetail Eagle?’ An Examination of Penalties Imposed for Harming Protected Species (2004) 21(6) EPLJ 445 by Tony Smith

What we Learn from Alice (2007/2008) (91) Summer ALRC RJ by Tom Regan

What’s New Pussycat? – Caught in the Act (2001) 21(11) Proctor 21 by Paul Martyn

Battery Hens

Australia is home to over ten million egg-laying hens, 90% of whom are held in battery cages.

Battery hens live in a space smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, restricting any freedom to express natural behaviours.

Numerous European countries – including Germany, Austria and Sweden – have banned battery cages, and the EU has a total ban set for 2012.

Unfortunately, Australian politicians have not followed this global shift.


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