Animal Law Clinic

Animal Law Clinic

Legal advice is provided through face-to-face consultations at the Animal Law Clinic (‘ALC’) which operates in Victoria. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide legal advice by telephone or email. The ALC is a joint initiative of Lawyers for Animals and Fitzroy Legal Service. The ALC provides free legal advice on matters relating to animals where the client’s interests are likely to coincide with those of the animal(s) concerned. This can include companion animal offences, ownership disputes, animal activism and many other matters relating to animal welfare.

How to Contact the Animal Law Clinic – if you live in Victoria

You must make an appointment to attend the Animal Law Clinic.  If you live in Victoria and cannot afford private legal assistance and wish to make an appointment, please phone the Fitzroy Legal Service reception on (03) 9419 3744 during ordinary business hours (Mon – Fri).  The Animal Law Clinic only operates on Wednesday evenings at the Fitzroy Legal Service,  When you come for your appointment, enter through the lane way and courtyard at 126 Moor Street, Fitzroy, where you will find an intercom to access the lift.

What to do if your animal law matter is urgent?

If you live in Victoria, cannot afford private legal assistance, but your animal law matter is too urgent to wait for the next available appointment at the Animal Law Clinic, you can attend the regular night service at Fitzroy Legal Service. The Night Service operates without appointment from 6pm Monday to Friday.  Depending on how many volunteers are available, there can sometimes be limits on the numbers of clients who can be seen, so it is a good idea to arrive before 6pm, if you are able to.  On most Wednesday evenings there will be Animal Clinic Lawyers there and able to consult with the night volunteer you get assigned to and if you need to, politely ask them to do consult.

What if you are not living in Victoria?

If you live outside Victoria or are otherwise seeking a referral for legal advice from a non-fee-charging or private lawyer, please feel free to contact Lawyers for Animals via email:



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Though rarely acknowledged, fish suffer. Their writhing bodies and flapping gills are a desperate plea for the oxygen they breathe from water (rather than air).

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