2019 Duck Shooting Season

Lawyers for Animals was among a large number of concerned animal welfare groups who participated in the below ad placed in the Sunday Age newspaper on 10 March 2019 by Regional Victorians Opposed to Duck Shooting.

If you want to help take action on this issue, please follow this link:


In particular, we encourage you to sign this letter addressed to the relevant Victorian ministers:


Alliance Advt March 10

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Kangaroo Culling

Around 30 million Australian kangaroos have been killed over the last decade, and at least three million young left orphaned.

Joeys remain dependent on their mothers for survival for between 18 months and about 3 years. If orphaned joeys are not killed, they die of starvation, exposure, dehydration or predation.

Under the applicable Code of Practice, small, furred pouch young (that are easily held with little struggle) must be euthanased by a forceful blow which destroys the functional capacity of the brain. According to the new Draft Code of Practice, this “may be achieved by forcefully swinging the head of the young against a solid metal object (e.g. tow bar of a vehicle).”


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